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Digital Flip Catalog to Power your content 

Our digital flipbook viewer/ digital flip catalog delivers an incredible, stand-out experience that elevates your content and drives a return on your investment.

Unleash your brand

Leverage the power of your brand by integrating your logo, colors and brand standards to your content.

Every collection is a showstopper

Offer content in a multi-publication aesthetic armed with advanced features like search term filters, category selection, and cross-library search.

Digital flip catalog

One-stop selling machines

Generate sales, orders, and leads with enhancements that drive results.

We track it all

Find out how your audience really engages with your digital flipbook with the analytics viewer. From high level metrics like number of visitors, down to each individual interaction – we track it all.

Viewer for Digital Flipbooks
Digital Publishing Solutions

Privacy that suits your needs

DCatalog makes it easy to secure your sensitive content in the cloud by safeguarding publications through various authentication measures, from setting up SSO permissions to utilizing your existing log in system, and more.

Integrate with your desired platforms

Connect directly with your eCommerce, marketing automation tools, CMS, VMS, and more to tailor our viewer to your company’s existing systems.

Digital Flipbook Viewer Integrations

Innovate with us

DCatalog releases updates frequently.
Want to keep up with new flipbook features, online publishing solutions and upcoming updates?