Build Custom Catalogs with pages from your existing PDF or Flipbook

DCatalog’s Stitchbook Technology takes customizing your catalogs to the next-level!

Need to create a custom catalog for a specific customer as a sales rep? How about allowing your customers to curate their own product flipbooks?

Stitchbook has you covered.

showcasing DCatalog's Stitchbook feature for custom catalog creation

With StitchBook, you can seamlessly add and reorder a collection of pages from your original edition into an exportable PDF or as a new flipbook edition with its own dedicated URL. This tool enables you to build and share custom catalogs, without wasting the targeted reader’s time sifting through irrelevant material.

Curating from multiple publications? You sure can!

Don’t limit yourself to picking just from one edition. Add pages to your new custom catalogs or flipbooks from any pages available within your DCatalog publishing account; mix & match pages from your whole library of content and stitch them together as you see fit!

three monitors showing three different custom catalogs made from one catalog

Here’s How to Create Your Own Custom Catalog and Flipbook

step 1 icon for selecting the source flipbook or catalog

1. Select the desired flipbook

Choose the existing content from which you will personalize the catalog design.

icon symbolizing page extractions from flipbook

2. Extract pages

Select one or multiple pages from the flipbook you want to include in your custom catalog. The pages can also be reordered or deleted as needed.

icon for downloading and publishing

3. Download or publish

Once the custom catalog is finalized, you can either download it as a PDF or publish it as a new HTML5 flipbook to share with your target audience.

Effortlessly Build and Share your Custom Catalogs

By using our Stitchbook technology, no technical or design skills are needed to create custom catalogs and flipbooks.

Custom Catalog

icon for revenue increase

Increase sales by building curated and custom catalogs on-demand.

icon for collaboration

Elevate collaboration and productivity through streamlined content sharing.

icon for auto generated content

Maximize marketing efficiency by auto-generating content.

icon for saving time and resources

Save hours in manual labor, graphic design and print costs.

Feature Specifications:

add new page feature of Stitchbook

Customizable “Add Page” Button integrates within the UI/UX of your flipbooks to seamlessly allow users to select & stitch pages.

Stitchbook feature that lets users change CTA button texts

Find and edit the text of the custom catalog callout button directly within the toolbar for easy access.

Stitchbook publishing feature to pdf or html5 flipbook

Name your new custom catalog and easily distribute to your target audience by publishing online OR saving as a PDF offline. Utilize the “History button” to view all past published Stitchbooks as well.

private url generation feature of Stitchbook

Stitchbook produces a long-lasting 120 day URL for each new publication. Call to actions (External Links, video embeds, GIFs) enabled within the parent flipbook are inherited in each child custom catalog.

Stitchbook draft mode screenshot

Finish your stitchbook over time! The technology saves stitched pages within your browser, so you can easily pick up where you left off and continue curating.