Virtual Flipbook Library

All Your Content In One Library

DCatalog’s virtual flipbook library provides a searchable PDF library online for your readers to easily browse through your content. Using our digital publishing software, organize and group all your collateral into categories so they can be cross filtered and refined for readers to quickly find the relevant content they are looking for within the virtual library. Create an immersive and engaging experience with DCatalog virtual library solution to level up user involvement , sales and marketing.

Simplify your content presentation

Present, collaborate, innovate and manage your content in an entirely new way. DCatalog’s Virtual Flipbook Library Rack gives you a single location to collate your organization’s documents, increasing productivity and usability with categories and cross-search capabilities. Elevate your online collateral by tailoring your library to appeal to your customers. You can easily customize the look as well as feel of your virtual library to meet the needs of your business.

Enable a modern digital Library

Reimagine your organization’s documents for the digital age. Unlike static PDFs that have little to no flexibility, virtual flipbook libraries offer endless possibilities in customizing your content to best suit the needs of your employees as well as customers. With the searchable PDF library online, customers can individually tailor their searches to suit their needs. Not to mention, the transition to online collateral management eliminates cumbersome paper storage and distribution for an easy-to-use, eco-friendly paperless content management system.

Digital Content Library
Online Content Management Platform

Elastic Cross-Search Using Filters

With DCatalog’s Elastic Cross Search tool, make it simple for your consumers to search and find any terms within the library using filters to narrow their results instantly with highlighted zoom on keywords. Whether searching for a specific SKU number, exact phrase or partial word, the tool provides instant, streamlined results.

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