Create Product Catalogs Integrated with E-Commerce

Create, manage and share your digital product catalogs online with DCatalog. Start by converting your PDF catalogs into stunning digital shoppable cCommerce catalogs. Level-up sales, transactions, and customer reach! Make it engaging by adding interactive features such as videos, buy buttons, links, and more.

shopping window feature of our product catalog software

We help brands publish product catalogs that streamline sales and drive revenue

Transform your digital product catalog into a selling machine by connecting it to your eCommerce system! Allow your shoppers to add items directly to their shopping cart from a one-click shopping window overlay. When satisfied with the items in their cart, your customers can check out straight from your shopping catalog.

Connect Product Catalogs to your
E-commerce Platform

Our product catalog software solutions integrate your ecommerce catalog with your existing eCommerce platform. Sync with your inventory and checkout processes, make your digital shoppable catalogs a one-stop shop for your customers, and deliver a seamless shopping experience.

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Shopify is a popular e-commerce solution that our customers use to build online stores and sell products within their website. We seamlessly connect their store to their e catalog, enabling an additional revenue channel.

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We connect with WordPress and Woocommerce, one of the most optimized open source ecommerce platforms, to drive transactions and help merchants and developers build successful businesses for the long term.

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Why do our customers love Magento? Magento is an open API e-commerce platform built-in PHP, which enables omnichannel personalization through commerce data on their website and digital digital catalogs.

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Commerce Cloud

Deliver intuitive shopping experiences on an international stage. Our customers are able to reduce costs, increase sales, and adapt quickly on the most complete commerce platform that is connected directly to their product catalog.


You can also connect digital catalogs to your marketing automation tool, social platform, PIM, CMS, VMS, or anything in between.

How to Convert your PDF into an eCommerce-ready
Product Catalog in Minutes

step 1 upload pdf catalog



Upload your PDF catalog

step 2 choose catalog template



Choose your catalog template. You can either create a new one or pick an existing template.

step 3 customize product catalog



Customize your product catalogs.

step 4 connect catalog to ecommerce



Let us connect with eCommerce platform, no coding required

publish ecommerce activated catalog



Publish and share your finished shoppable catalog with your customers.

Try a free trial or request a demo with a catalog specialist

CSV product data file displayed on unbranded laptop

Turn product data into e-commerce-ready product catalogs

You can also upload your product data feed file – XML or Excel CSV – to automatically create a PDF for your fully shoppable digital catalog.

Increase engagement and sales

feature to add links to product catalog

Make your products pop

Capture your customers’ attention within your online catalog by adding clickable shopping icons next to your products or Polygon Linking Outline to highlight links in the complex shapes of your products.

feature demonstration of shopping window in digital catalog

Integrated shopping windows

Enable an in-catalog shopping-window experience within your ecommerce product catalogs to turn your readers into revenue. DCatalog utilizes custom light boxes that directly connect to your eCommerce platform, in order to deliver real-time product information within the shopping window modal.

mobile view of checkout feature in product catalog

Add items and directly checkout from your e-commerce catalogs

When adding items from a digital catalog, the item goes directly into their webcart. If the shopper decides to leave the catalog and start shopping on the website, all items added from the online catalog will also remain in the web basket. Allow your customers to easily “add” items to their cart and checkout directly from your website.

Shoppable catalogs designed to go viral

Empower your brand through various catalog-sharing methods.

DCatalog never limits the number of users that can access a product catalog—so rev up your content and deliver it to the masses. Expand your reach to accrue a larger audience for enhanced brand awareness and a larger buyer pool.

embed on website icon

Embed on Your Website

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Marketing Campaigns

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Email Signature

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Social Media Sharing

Design and customize your product catalogs

Design your product catalog with your brand’s colors, images, and logo. Our intuitive toolbar, customizable buttons, and language settings are designed to match your brand identity.

Experience the power of customization with adjustable page layouts, zoom levels, and bookmark styles. For those who dare to dive deeper, we offer advanced features like Custom CSS.

design options for product catalogs
catalog template feature

Catalog Templates

Our template feature is your design companion, giving you a toolbox filled with options. Instantly transform every uploaded catalog with your personalized theme. Want to switch things up? Effortlessly craft a new template and unlock a whole new design theme for your editions.

Automatically link item numbers

Our Automatic Link Recognition Tool improves efficiency and productivity by automatically detecting SKU, Item, Product, and Part numbers within your digital shopping catalogues and links them directly to their respective landing pages on your website — saving you hours of manual labor and valuable time.

automatic product item number linking feature of dcatalog
polygonal linking feature of dcatalog software

Dazzle your digital catalog shoppers with Polygon Linking

Outline and highlight complex shapes of your products to capture your customers’ attention and increase product click-throughs within your digital catalogs. Our advanced Polygon Linking allows complex products to be highlighted in the shape of products, making items more appealing to your customers.

Data that proves digital catalog results

Gain keen insight on the usage of your product catalog with powerful analytics. Obtain a deeper understanding of how customers consume your products. Customize your digital catalog and product offerings using tangible metrics and utilize this knowledge to tailor your products to appeal to your consumers.

analytics feature of dcatalog
virtual library rack screenshot on tablet

Search across all of your ecatalogs with a Virtual Library Rack

Publish all of your shoppable ecommcatalogs and literature into a central hub with easy-to-use filters and cross-publication search

Product Catalog Examples

Explore examples of digital catalogs created by our Product Catalog Software Solutions.

sundance product catalog
Todd Snyder new york product catalog
beHome product catalog

Manage and Update Product Data

Integration with your eCommerce solutions means that your shoppable catalog’s stock and pricing information is always up-to-date. Need to add or remove an item?

No problem! Replacing pages is easy from our platform.

catalog product data management feature displayed on mobile device

Using our cloud-based product catalog software to link your digital shopping catalog with your eCommerce platform ensures that your catalog remains current. Any updates to the content on your eCommerce platform are reflected immediately in your digital catalog.


What is a digital product catalog?

A digital product catalog is an online marketing collateral showcasing a company’s products. It includes relevant details like descriptions, prices, and images. It’s essential for businesses as it offers global reach, 24/7 accessibility, and is more cost effective than traditional printed catalogs.

Moreover, digital e-commerce catalogs can be updated in real-time, provide an interactive shopping experience, and enable data collection to track customer behavior. Thus, it’s an effective tool for expanding customer bases, enhancing shopping experience, and facilitating strategic business decisions.

How can I create my first catalog?

It’s simple to create an online e-commerce integrated catalog from which your customers can shop. Just upload your PDF catalog to our software platform, and we’ll quickly convert it into a digital eCommerce catalog. If you don’t have a PDF, no worries! You can give us your XML or CSV files, and we’ll transform them into fully shoppable catalogs.

Can I edit and customize my product catalog?

Yes. Moreover, digital e-commerce catalogs can be updated in real-time, provide an interactive shopping experience, and enable data collection to track customer behavior. Thus, it’s an effective tool for expanding customer bases, enhancing shopping experiences, and facilitating strategic business decisions.

“We have created a better overall experience for our customers by enhancing both product and service; saving a tremendous amount of money by going digital is a bonus – it’s absolutely amazing! “

Director of Creative Services, Market America | SHOP.COM