Online Guides & Manuals

DCatalog empowers companies to convert static guides and manuals to provide innovative experiences that increase user engagement and knowledge. When you publish an interactive PDF online, the conversation surrounding your guides and manuals goes from one-sided to reciprocal, making the information far more digestible.

Online Guides & Manuals

Innovation in Digital Content

  • Convert your static PDFs into immersive digital guides and manuals to create an engaging experience for users
  • Instantly provide new information and updates to your audience so the value you provide stays as current as possible
  • Save on printing costs and allow users to access information with ease from anywhere, anytime
  • Increase customer engagement and satisfaction when they are provided a more enjoyable learning experience that results in greater information retention
  • Cut down on screen-time burnout and scrolling fatigue when you convert to online guides and manuals that offer more than just a wall text on a white background

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Publish Interactive PDF Online

User Friendly

DCatalog’s interactive flip books create a digital space for your users to actively engage with your digital content. This format mimics the action of physically turning through pages, instilling a subconscious sense of active involvement in the process.

The user-friendly format will also enable your customers to easily access information within your online guides and manuals and stay on top of updates to policies or procedures.

Convert PDFs to Online Guides & Manuals

Engaging Online Experience

DCatalog’s technology allows you to convert your printed materials into unique digital flip books with a level of ease you likely never dreamed possible. Our software requires little technical know-how on your part to turn printed guides and manuals into fully functional digital assets.

With our administrator portal, you will be able to easily make updates to your manuals as needed, replace pages, add links, add multimedia elements, and much more so your guides and manuals stay as dynamic and evolved as your business.


Online Lookbook Maker

Get the Best of Both Worlds

When you convert your guides and manuals to digital versions with DCatalog, you maintain the same level of active engagement that users enjoy with printed materials—they can still feel as if they are physically flipping through pages thanks to interactive functions.

However, users will also enjoy the virtual convenience of searching for relevant information easily within the document when they are rushed for time and simply need to brush up on one topic.


Enhance Employee Esteem

Expanding Digital Reach

As a professional operating in the modern landscape, you know that quality digital assets are crucial; being able to share those assets is equally so. Online guides and manuals equip you with the unique opportunity of spreading your valuable expertise in a way that’s professional and manageable.

When you convert your guides and manuals with DCatalog, you’re simply capitalizing on materials that you already have in print and making them more effective in the contemporary market.

DCatalog features for guides & manuals

  • Advanced HTML5 Technology
  • Easy Publishing
  • Full White Label Branding
  • Customizable Features
  • Multiple Languages
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Increased User Experience
  • Contact Us form
  • User Friendly
  • Extensive Link Management
  • Increased Global Reach
  • Rich Digital Media
  • Media and Link Management
  • Subscription Management System
  • Sharing and Social Media Integration
  • SEO Friendly

All too often, online guides and manuals are static behemoth documents that are so daunting and uninviting, the quality of the information hardly even matters to users.

When you publish an interactive PDF online with DCatalog, you’re breaking that mold and creating a fulfilling experience for users which inspires them to engage and learn. Stand out from the crowd – get started converting your guides and manuals today.