Digital Catalog Software with our Exclusive Recoloring Technology

Purchases are personal, so for them to close a sale, your products must connect with your users. Let your consumers interact with your inventory, viewing each item with our cloud-based digital catalog software that displays each item using your customer’s preferred colors.

Digital Catalog Software with Recoloring Technolog

A custom shopping experience

DCatalog’s exclusive Recoloring Technology allows shoppers to select their colors and instantly view your online catalog as a customized experience. Pair it with our shoppable catalog technology to increase engagement and revenue.

Digital Catalog Recoloring Technology

How does it work?

  • Create a branded landing page where shoppers select their colors and enter their contact information
  • Capture leads by integrating the landing page with your CRM or export your contacts via CSV within our platform
  • Shoppers can browse through their personalized catalog
  • Level- up the shopping experience by adding order form or eCommerce functionality

Bring your catalog to life

Engage your customers with an interactive catalog experience and set your content apart from others.

Speak with a recoloring technology specialist today.

Our digital recolor catalog technology is excellent for

Spirit & Sport Apparel: Jerseys, spirit wear, and outfits designed to highlight school colors

School Uniforms: Polos, slacks, and sweaters that comply with school dress codes

Jewelry: Birthstones, metals, and jewels that shine to highlight personalized beauty

Graduation Apparel: Caps, gowns, and sashes designed to unify the graduating class

Healthcare Professionals: Jackets, scrubs, and supplies to embody the healthcare brand