Direct Sales Catalogs

with Online Referral Marketing Automation

You give your consultants credit for their sales, now your direct sales catalogs can, too. DCatalog’s Representative ID solution allows you to automate your referral marketing by simply publishing one document and link to multiple consultants’, brokers’, and reps’ web pages.

Direct Sales Catalog

How does it work?



Upload your PDF catalog and transform your content into an interactive catalog.

Our team adds the Rep ID parameter to your catalogs based on your own unique URL structure.

Easily add dynamic URLs into your content that link directly to your consultant’s product pages using our admin dashboard.

Fine-tune your analytics to track referral rates from the Rep URLs for measurables you can grow from.

Online Referral Marketing Automation

The new way to track your sales reps

Our direct sales catalogs with online referral marketing technology uses a unique URL algorithm to associate purchases or referrals made from a catalog link back to your representative’s account on your website. When shoppers click a product link, it leads back to the corresponding product landing page on your website at the designated consultant’s URL or

Publishing around the world?
Not a problem.

We can customize algorithms for each of your publication levels that any of your consultants can utilize. We will fine-tune your analytics to track referral rates of the URL so you can identify your top marketers