Digital Magazines

DCatalog empowers publishers to transform their content to easily accessible, engaging and seamless digital magazines, increasing reach and audience loyalty. Interactive digital magazines created online from hardcopy PDFs allow you to connect with your readers, enhance your marketing, increase your sales, and expand your revenue stream.

Interactive Digital Magazines Online from PDFs

Interactive digital magazines that engage your readers

  • Make online, flip magazines in minutes
  • Increase circulation & reach
  • Engage with your readers by adding interactive elements from videos to audio clips and more
  • Track your readers’ behavior
  • Real-time content updates through an easy-to-use admin portal
  • Easy integration of your social media platforms into your digital magazines

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Interactive Digital Magazines from PDFs

Interactive Digital Magazine Experiences

DCatalog’s online magazine solution creates captivating reading experiences. With our full white label branding you can completely customize and design your magazine to match your brand. Utilize our rich media elements to add videos, audio clips, links, bookmarks and more to create an engaging experience for your readers.

Turn PDFs to Digital Magazines

Easy Updates

DCatalog’s technology allows you to convert your printed magazines into a unique digital flipbook experience in minutes. Our administrator portal allows you to manage and maintain your content at all times, replace pages, add to or update content and more.

Digital Magazines from Hardcopy PDFs

Data-Driven Insights

By converting your PDFs into interactive digital magazines, you have the ability to easily monitor and track relevant metrics. These metrics provide strategic insights so you can tailor your magazine content and your business offerings to your targeted audience.

Convert PDFs to Online Magazines

Cost-Effective Global Distribution

Digital magazines streamline distribution efforts, eliminating the middlemen involved in hardcopy magazine distribution and reducing the cost through shareable online content. With digital magazines, your reach is global, accessible wherever there is internet availability.

DCatalog features for digital magazines

  • Immersive Online Magazine
  • User Friendly
  • Extensive Link Management
  • Increased Global Reach
  • Rich Digital Media
  • Media and Link Management
  • Subscription Management System
  • Bookmarks and Notes
  • Contact Us Form
  • Viewable on Any Device
  • Cloud Based Solution
  • Full White Label Branding
  • Private Login Security
  • Multiple Languages
  • Advanced Analytics
  • QR Code
  • Sharing and Social Media Integration
  • SEO Friendly

At DCatalog, our goal is to make publishing simple and meaningful. Our user-friendly platform helps companies reach their audiences faster by converting their static PDFs into digital editions. For more information on creating beautiful and immersive content for your digital magazine, contact us today.