Online Product & Stock Management System

Product Management made simple

Organize your stock information in real-time with DCatalog’s Online Product & Stock Management System. Streamline access to your content for increased collaboration.

Online Product & Stock Management System

Need a product management system?

Make shopping windows come to life with custom product fields.

Add Product Name

Managing your products by name enables cleaner stock organization and easier-to-use search functions for administrators and shoppers.

Add Product Images

Eye-catching product images highlight product features that elevate your brand and stand out to consumers for more buying incentive.

Add Product SKUS

Product SKUS paired with inventory by name ensures thorough understanding of which products are in stock while easing B2B product searching.

Add Product Descriptions

Custom product descriptions with real-time updates outline item features for knowledgeable purchasing and inventory differentiation.

Add Product Pricing

Up to date pricing details motivate customers to purchase through a single source – one that details all product information with no extra research required.

Add Product Videos

Product videos replace lifeless two-dimensional images with interactive and engaging media to capture customer attention, emphasize product details, and promote sales.

Take Control of Your Products

Take control of your products

Easily add and maintain your stock information online with our Product Management System.

Instant product access

Channel the item information into a virtual shopping window where users can add products to their cart.

Online Stock Management System
Cloud-based Product Management System

Order with ease

Allow users to email their selections directly to your organization to fulfill the order.

Discover how you can manage your products and increase orders